Maximizing Life Connections One Link at a Time

Did you know?

Everyone is created with a unique design for relationships.

Your brain is designed to thrive within that design.

You may not be utilizing your full potential –but you can.

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Books & More

This is a journey of self-discovery. The general quick guide and assessment are here to help you understand yourself and your personality. If you understand why you do the things you do and that they are a result of your God-given personality traits and your life experiences, then you are able to live and grow in your strengths
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The LINKED® Personality System is changing relational perspectives in families by utilizing a fresh take on behavioral styles anyone and everyone can understand quickly.The Two Lindas designed a quick guide system providing a succinct and accurate 26 question personality assessment alongside relational interactive scenarios, and people are…
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Seminars & Coaching

If your relationships are not what you desire, change is possible for your life! Consider how different your life would be like with less stress, a manageable calendar, reduced clutter, and spiritual growth. Peace and calm can be your new normal. The Two Lindas are here to help you identify who you are and why you
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